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How long will it take to relieve my symptoms?

Every case is different, and there are no guarantees with any medical treatment.  However, most of our patients begin to feel relief on the very first visit.  After 3-4 adjustments, we normally have a clear picture of how effective our treatment will be.  It is important to remember that all cases and situations are different.

Why do Gonstead Chiropractors need X-Rays?

This is a questions we are routinely  asked by patients that may have seen another chiropractor prior to coming to our office that didn’t use x-rays to evaluate their condition.  The answer is really very simple; it is better to know than it is to guess when it comes to working with the spine.

First off we as Gonstead doctors want to only treat the area of the spine that needs to be treated so that our efforts effect only those areas that need the help, x-ray helps us narrow the search so that our adjustments are very precise. This makes sure that when we apply an adjustment we can use the minimal amount of force necessary to achieve the results we are hoping for.   Secondly if there are any conditions in the spine that you are not aware of that would be negatively affected by a chiropractic adjustment we want to be fully aware so the treatments are as safe and as pain free as possible.

And lastly when you enter any form of treatment you want to have some idea of how long it will take to get the problem fixed, x-rays help us determine more accurately how long of a treatment plan we need to create based upon x-ray findings(arthritis, degeneration, etc.)

As a doctor who is responsible for taking care of a large number of patients with many different types of ailments, different ages and varying health histories I am much more at ease at the end of the day knowing exactly what I am working on than giving it my best guess.

Do I have to commit to a predetermined number of visits?

No.  We take each patient one visit at a time.  Many of our patients achieve their desired results in as little as 1-2 visits.  Others take longer.  It would be impossible to know in advance how long your course of care will be.  Many of our patients plan regular visits to keep their bodies functioning at a high level.  Others seek care only when they experience pain or “feel out of place.” At Seim Chiropractic, you alone are in charge of your health care decisions, we are here to help guide you and provide outstanding care when needed.

What makes Gonstead Chiropractic different?

The specificity with which Gonstead Chiropractors diagnose AND adjust the spine is second to none.  We focus solely on adjusting the spine, pelvis and extremities in the most exact way possible.  We don’t just randomly “manipulate” as many bones as we can, there is a precise methodology in what we do. Instead of throwing several techniques and therapies at the wall to see “what sticks” — we strive to become masterful in one area to better serve our patients and their needs. We are chiropractors who specialize in the spine.

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Dr. Seim is trained exclusively in the Gonstead System. There is clinical logic to every decision that is made for each and every patient. Gonstead doctors do not randomly adjust patients and hope for the best.


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